SATURDAY, JULY 15th, 2023

Photos by
John DaDalt
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Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 39 Avery Stoehr Assonet, MA Bertrand Motorsports
2 01 Jake Trainor  Medway, MA  - - -
3 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
4 49 Dylan Rock Enfield, NH Dan Rock
5 47w Kody Swanson Kingsburg, CA Bertrand Motorsports
6 74 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA Bertrand Motorsports
7 9 John Zych Jr.  Mendon, MA  John Zych Sr.
8 16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Matt O'Brien
9 47b Sammy Swindell Germantown, TN Bertrand Motorsports
10 93 Mike Horn Ashland, MA Mike Horn
11 87 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Doug Cleveland
12 A1 Derek Robbie Bellingham, MA Mike Horn
13 50 Mike Pernesiglio Ronkonkoma, NY Pete Pernesiglio Sr.
14 83 Ryan Tidman Southhampton, PA Ryan Tidman
Heat 1 >> 47b, 9, 01, 93, 48, A1, 50
Heat 2 >> 30, 74, 87, 16, 47w, 83, 39
Photos by
John DaDalt
Heat 1 >>
Heat 2 >>
Heat 3 >>
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Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 4s Jake Trainor  Medway, MA  Bobby Seymour
2 35 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA Glen Cabral
3 1 Chase Locke Chester, NH Matt Seymour 
4 17 Kyle Valeri Monument Beach, MA Peter Valeri
5 47 Jacob Perry Stonington, CT Randy Cabral
6 21 Joe Bailey Monroe, NJ Mike Scrivani
7 48 Todd Bertrand Danielson, CT Todd Bertrand
8 20 Alby Ovitt St. Johnsbury, VT Jackie Parker
9 24 Ryan Macartney Pawling, NY Nick Poe
10 16 Dan Cugini Marshfield, MA Dennis O/Brien 
11 29 Ken Schrader Concord, NC Matt Seymour 
12 5 JT Bierman - - - - - -
13 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
14 87jr Bradly Alum Taylorsville, NC Bob Courtwright
15 59 Brayden Egan Ashford, CT Eric Egan
16 8 Ethan Dion Oakdale, CT Stephen Dion
17 99 Kyle Ferrucci Woodbury, CT Robert Ferrucci
18 23 Jeremy Utley Carver, MA Jeremy Utley
19 94 Tiana Kibbe Fairfield, CT Curt Kibbe
20 4 PJ Stergios Candia, NH Matt Seymour
21 61 Ryan Locke Chester, NH Dennis O/Brien 
22 55 Drew Eldridge No. Chelmsford, MA Drew Eldridge
23 44 Trent Goodrow Carver, MA William Keller
24 3 Christopher Vose Gloversville, NY Christopher Vose
25 28 Mike Pernesiglio Ronkonkoma, NY Pete Pernesiglio Sr.
26 10 Avery Stoehr Assonet, MA Jackie Parker
27 9L Chris Lamb Colfax, NC - - -
28 26 Ryan Tidman Southhampton, PA Ryan Tidman
29 9 Ben Mikitarian Northborough, MA John Mikitarian
Heat 1 >> 20, 94, 44, 47, 21, 10, 30, 16, 99, 26
Heat 2 >> 4s, 48, 59, 17, 1, 61, 87, 28, 23, 55
Heat 3 >> 29, 35, 4, 24, 5, 9L, 8, 3, 9
Nocella Paving
Shea Concrete
Bentleys Saloon
Hoosier Tire

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Fast Time - Randy Cabral - $100
From Bertrand Motorsports

Heat Race Winners - $100
Sammy Swindell - Paul Scally

First Car Out - Ryan Tidman - $100
From Freddy Cleveland

Hard Charger Award - Jake Trainor - $250
From John Chambers Racing - Sydney, Ohio

Top Father/Son Award - Dylan & Dan Rock - $100
In Memory of Jim O'Brien

Hard Luck Award - Mike Pernisiglio - $100
From Shane Hammond Believe Foundation

Leader at Lap 29 - Avery Stoehr - $ 250
From Bently's Saloon
Fast Time - Paul Scally - $100
Fram Jones Racing Products/Wrenches

Heat Race Winners - $100
Albie Ovitt - Jake Trainor - Ken Schrader

Hard Charger - Jake Trainor - $250
From Skip Hultgren
In Memory of Mike Streicher

Mechanic of the Race - Glen Cabral - $250
From Skip Hultgren
Honoring Engine Builder Denny McNutt

First Car Out - Ben Mikitarian - $100
From Freddy Cleveland

Win Heat Race & Feature - Tony Stewart Bonus
 Jake Trainor - $500

Top Father/Son Award - Randy & Glen Cabral - $100
In Memory of Jim O'Brien

Hard Luck Award - Chris Vose - $100
From Shane Hammond Believe Foundation

Leader at Lap 29 - Randy Cabral - $ 250
From Bently's Saloon

High Miler Awards - $100 ea
#87 Brady Allum - Taylorsville, NC
#5 Chris Lamb - Colfax, NC
#24 Nick Poe - Centerville, OH
In Memory of Steve "The Bopper" Stapp

Stoehr & Trainor take the 27th Annual
Boston Louie Seymour Memorial

For the past 27 years, the race held in honor of the Massachusetts based car owner - "Boston Louie" Seymour, who campaigned his winning midgets, sprints and Silver Crown cars across America, has brought together the very best in open wheel Midget racing. This past Saturday, July 15th at Seekonk Speedway was no different, as Avery Stoehr fought off the NEMA field to take down the Boston Louie Memorial victory for the second year in a row and Jake Trainor took down the LITES portion.

NEMA's announcer, Pete Falconi welcomed Alan Bestwick, Jack Arute and Kevin Boucher to the announcers booth. As well as many video shout outs leading up to and on the day of the Boston Louie from drivers Rusty Wallace, Ryan Preece, and Santino Ferrucci. The Legacy of Boston Louie lives on through the continue support and sponsorships of Mike Nocella from Nocella Paving, Bently's Saloon, Hoosier Tire, Eddie from Shea Concrete, and many others.

In the NEMA LITES, Ken Schrader, former NASCAR Cup Series regular and current SRX driver, climbed into Seymour Racing's The Spirit of Boston #29. As well as in the NEMA portion of the night, Kody Swanson, 7x USAC Silver Crown Champion, and Sammy Swindell, 3x WoO Champion and 5x Chili Bowl winner, climbed into the Bertrand Motorsports #47W and #47B, respectively.

The stars and cars of the NEMA LITES division and fellow drivers from the Eastern Midget Association were introduced and lined up to salute their fans for the famous four-wide parade lap.

In a strong field of 29 cars, the drivers realigned in their starting positions as PJ Stergios in the Matt Seymour Racing #4 led the field to green flag racing for 50 fast laps. Stergios took the lead going into turn one, as Chris Lamb in the #9L, Jacob Perry in the #47, and Joey Bailey in the Scrivani Racing #21 went three wide down the backstretch.

On lap 2, Stergios maintained his lead over, Perry, while Randy Cabral in the #35 raced his way to 3rd from his 7th place starting position, followed by Bailey and Chase Locke in the Seymour Racing #1.

Over the next few laps, the top 5 began to spread out, as a race between positions 6-9 began to occur between Lamb, JT Bierman #5, Jake Trainor in the Seymour Racing #4S, and Avery Stoehr in the Parker Brothers' Racing #10.

On lap 10, Stergios continued his lead followed by Cabral and Perry. But going down the backstretch, the leaders started to encounter lapped traffic, Cabral was able to capitalize and take over the first position.

By lap 20, Cabral had extended his lead to a couple of car lengths over Stergios, Perry, Trainor, and Locke.

A few laps later, on lap 23, Stergios closed the gap between him and Cabral. Trainor, who started in the twelfth place starting position, took over the 3rd position from Perry.

On lap 26, the caution flag was flown and the drivers realigned for a double file restart, Cabral led the field to the green. As a side by side battle for first occurred between Cabral and Stergios for nearly 4 laps until Cabral was able to pull away from Stergios.

On lap 32, Cabral was able to extend his lead, as a race for second occurred between Trainor and Stergios, but going into turn three, Trainor was able to take the low line from Stergios to take over the 2nd position.

With 10 laps remaining, Cabral and Trainor skillfully navigated through lapped traffic as Trainor was now on the back bumper of Cabral. On lap 41, going down the front stretch, Trainor drove to the inside of Cabral to take over the first position.

A late race caution on lap 45, brought the cars back together for a double file line up. Trainor led the field back to the green and continued his lead as Locke got a good run going into turn one and battled for second with Cabral, but Cabral drove around the outside going into turn two to remain in the second position.

In the following laps, working his way up from his tenth place starting position, Kyle Valeri in the Valeri Motorsports #17 and Perry began to battle for the 4th position. While on lap 48, going into turn one, Valeri took the low line from Perry to take over 4th.

As the checkered flags flew, Trainor went on to win the Boston Louie Seymour Memorial, followed by Cabral, and Locke to round out the top 3.

In a race in victory lane, Trainor commented on his win, "I had to work for that, that was 50 laps wide open, but this year has been awesome, I can't thank everyone enough that makes this all possible, and it is that much more special to get the win on Boston's night."

To round out the top 10 were strong finishes by: Trainor #4S, Cabral #35, Locke #1, Valeri #17, Perry #47, Bailey #21, Todd Bertrand #48, Alby Ovitt #20, Ryan Macartney #24, and Dan Cuigni #16.

In the NEMA feature of the evening, the field aligned in their double file starting positions as Mike Horn in the #93 led the field to the green flag for 29 fast laps around Seekonk Speedway.

Horn took the early lead over Kody Swanson in the #47W and Matt O'Brien in the Jim O'Brien & Son's Engineering #16.

On lap 3, Horn continued to lead the field, while starting from his 5th place starting position, Avery Stoehr in the Bertrand Motorsports #39, took the 2nd position over Swanson going down the backstretch followed by Dylan Rock in the #49. In a battle for the 4-6th positions, Paul Scally in the #30, O'Brien, and Jake Trainor in the #01 went three wide coming out of turn 4.

While on lap 5, Stoehr closed the gap and was on the back bumper of first place Horn. While going into turn one Scally took the low line to take the third position from Swanson.

On the following lap, going down the backstretch, Stoehr moved down a groove to take the first position away from Horn.

On lap 8, Stoehr extended his lead and a battle for 2nd occurred between Scally and Horn, but going into turn one, Scally chose the low line to take the 2nd position from Horn.

On lap 14, in a battle for 4th, Trainor and Swanson raced side by side, but going into turn one, Trainor was able to take the low groove and drive away from Swanson to take over 4th. By the close of the lap, Trainor was on the move and took the low line in turn three to take the 3rd position from Horn.

On lap 15, Stoehr started to encounter lapped traffic but was able to maintain his lead over 2nd place Scally followed by Trainor.

A few laps later on lap 20, a battle for the 4th position grew between Horn, Swanson, and Dylan Rock in the #49. But going into turn one, Rock was able to take over 4th.

With less than four laps remaining in the 29 lap feature, Stoehr continued his lead, but a battle began as Trainor had closed the gap between him and 2nd place, Scally. Ultimately, on lap 27, Trainor took over the second position.

As the checkered flags flew for the mighty NEMA midgets, for the second year in a row, Stoehr went on to win the Boston Louie Memorial with just under a 2 second lead over Trainor and Scally.

In a race in victory lane, Stoehr commented on his win, "I have been fortunate enough to win a few of these races and the drivers always get a disproportionate amount of the credit... I was upside down in turn two today and my crew is the reason why I am standing here today. I am just very thankful for each and every person"

To round out the top 10 were strong finishes by: Stoehr #39, Trainor #01, Scally #30, Rock #49, Swanson #47W, Randy Cabral #74, John Zych Jr #9, Matt O'Brien #16, Sammy Swindell #47B, and Mike Horn #93.

Both NEMA Midgets and LITES are back in action on Saturday, July 29th, at the New London Waterford Speedbowl for the Angelillo Memorial.