Saturday - August 9th, 2008

The Seymours would like dedicate this year's
Memorial in loving memory of
Lois Matczak
wife of long time friend of Boston and Silver Crown
competitor Skip Matczak, who passed away July 14th
after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Photos by
Boston Louie - Seekonk - 8/9/08
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 47 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Tim Bertrand
2 29 Jeff Abold Pennellville, NY Bobby Seymour
3 98 Bobby Santos III Franklin, MA Robert Santos Jr.
4 47b Jeremy Frankoski Huntington, NY Tim Bertrand
5 45 Joey Payne Fairlawn, NJ Gene Angelillo
6 5 William Wall Shrewsbury, MA Wall Motorsports LLC
7 7ny Adam Cantor Dix Hills, NY Cantor Racing
8 A1 Jeff Horn Ashland, MA Jeff Horn
9 63 Mike Keeler Danbury, CT TSR Motorsports Inc.
10 P30 Mike Horn Ashland, MA Mike Horn
11 77m Mike Luggelle Hull, MA Mike Luggelle
12 4 Nokie Fornoro Stroudsburg, PA Mike Jarret
13 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
14 9 John Zych Jr. Mendon, MA John Zych
15 99 Aaron Wall Shrewsbury, MA Power Point
Race Cars
16 87 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Doug Cleveland
17 21 Barry Kittredge Marlboro, MA Barry Kittredge
18 88 Abby Martino Norfolk, MA Joan Martino
19 94 Jim Peruto Doylestown, PA Jim Peruto
20 78 Brian Cleveland Billerica, MA Linda Cleveland
75 Lou Cicconi Jr. Aston, PA Lou Cicconi Jr.
35 Lee Bundy Kennebunkport, ME Glen Cabral
44 Erica Santos Franklin, MA Ed Breault
26b Greg Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Greg Stoehr
28 Paul Luggelle  Holbrook, MA Paul Luggelle 
49 B.J. MacDonald Dublin, PA B.J. MacDonald
11 Howie Bumpus Lakeville, MA Charles Camosse
2k Kelly Ferrell Chaplin, CT John Ferrell
16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Jim O'Brien
14 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Paul Holmstrand
77 Andy Shlatz Enfield, CT Mike Luggelle

Lites - Boston Louie - Seekonk - 8/9/08

Pos. Car # Driver Owner
1 26 Shaun Gosselin Gosselin Racing
2 85 Nicholas Ribbe Nicholas Ribbe
3 18 Jesse State Jim State
4 11 PJ Stergios Bill Stergios
5 35 Anthony Marvuglio Glen Cabral
6 10 Matt Bettencourt F. Bettencourt Trucking
7 48 Todd Bertrand Tim Bertrand
8 20 Andy Shlatz Andy Shlatz
9 1 Tad Uzzle Tad Uzzle
10 66L Mike Luggelle Mike Luggelle
11 36 Josh Wollam -
12 09 Stephanie Doty Ronald Doty
28 Paul Luggelle Paul Luggelle
33 Shawn Torrey Shawn Torrey
57 Jake Stergios Bill Stergios
50 Mike Muldon -
Stamford, CT
$100 Hard Charger Award to Jesse State #18

Cabral & Gosselin Capture
Boston Louie Honors

“With a Little Help From My Friends” would have been the appropriate sound track. Randy Cabral won Saturday night’s Northeastern Midget Association Boston Louie Seymour Memorial at Seekonk Speedway with a motor borrowed from the Santos crew.

Starting eighth, Randy Cabral had the lead when the first caution showed on lap three. Only a second yellow on lap eight interrupted Cabral’s run to his fourth win of the year in the Bertrand #47. Pole sitter Paul Scally was the only other leader.

Jeff Abold, in the Seymour #29, came from deep in the field to dog Cabral over the final 10 circuits. There was less than a car length between them at the checker.

Shaun Gosselin dominated the accompanying NEMA Lites feature.

The motor broke in the first practice and Cabral said he had “given up on things” when Bobby offered their spare motor. “Who else blows a motor in practice and has time to change it?” offered Cabral while complimenting both the Santos and his own crew.

Ironically Bobby Santos III was third followed by Cabral’s new teammate Jeremy Frankoski and Joey Payne. It was the second “Louie” for Cabral and the first for the Bertrand team.

Cabral rode the high side to the lead, passing Scally through turns one and two just before a multi-car chain-reaction mix-up on the front chute. Greg Stoehr went off on the hook. Cabral quickly regained command.

When he looked at the scoreboard and saw Abold, who had won earlier this season at Seekonk, move into second on lap 19 he was not surprised but definitely concerned. “I said ‘I’m in trouble because if he gets by I’m done. I wanted to push it hard but the weight jacker fell out of my hand during the first caution. It fell on my lap and it was hitting me in the elbow the rest of the race.”

Cabral was wearing a glove that belonged to Shane Hammond, his close friend who perished at Thompson earlier this season. “It was the glove that actually waved to the crowd before we went green and it was the glove that held the checkered flag on the victory lap,” he said from Victory Lane.

Gosselin, who ended a win streak by Jesse State, left no doubt in the Lites race. “Well, you don’t know how far you are ahead so you can never let up,” he said. “I knew the #85 (second place Nicholas Ribbe) and #18 (State) were going to be fast. I figured ‘get out front as fast as you can and just go.”

The “Lites” are scheduled for a Wild n’ Wacky Wednesday date this week at Waterford Speedbowl. NEMA is part of the Speedbowl’s “Racing Against Cancer Wings and Wheels on Saturday night.
"A personal thank you to the Seymour Family, Seymour Enterprises, the Race Depot, and Santos Motorsports for the contingency prizes awarded to us at the Boston Louie as well as all the the other sponsors who helped to make this race a success."
Cleveland Family Racing - #87 and #78

Winner Randy Cabral with Stu Murray from Wirtgen America

Feature Sponsors:

Marine Engines - Holliston, MA - $500

Crown Collision - Pawtucket, RI - $500

Berry Construction - Hernando, FL - $500

Santos Motorsports - $ 25 to each of the last 12 finishers

Ktron, Inc. - Hard Charger Award - $100
Jeff Abold #29

TSR Motosports - Sportsmanship Award - $100
Bob Santos II - Owner #98

Autocraft Engines - Hard Luck Award - $100
Howie Bumpus #11

The Race Depot - The First Out - $50 Hoosier Tire Gift Certificate
B.J. MacDonald #49

Circle Performance -  $250 for the Top Rookie - Jeff Abold #29

The Yerardi Memorial Crew Chief of the Race - $100
Tim Bertrand #47

Product Sponsors:

Indy Performance Components

Feature Winner - $1000 Certificate towards a Carbon Fiber Body

Feature 8th Place - $250 Certificate towards Product Purchase
Jeff Horn #A1


Feature 5th Place - $100 Certificate towards a Hans Device
Joey Payne #45

Feature 20th Place - Molecule Care Kit for Nomex Suits ($100)
Brian Cleveland #78

Feature 25th Place - $100 Certificate towards Hoosier Tires
Paul Luggelle #25

Heat Sponsors:

Falconi Bros. Fuel Oil - Southboro, MA - $290

Oval Track Parts - Findlay, OH - $290

Helping Hands of America - $290

Design 500 Race Wear
Heat #1 Winner - $100 Certificate
Heat #2 Winner - $100 Certificate
Heat #3 Winner - $100 Certificate

Randy Cabral #47

Paul Scally #30

Joey Payne #45

Time Trials Sponsors:

Seymour Enterprises - $100 to the Fast Qualifier
Jeff Abold in the #29

TheRaceDepot.com - $50 Hoosier Tire Gift Certificates
for the second to sixth spots

Feature Lap Sponsors
1 Dick Bergen
2 Dick Bergen
3 Station Road Auto Body
4 Gene Angelillo in memory of Marilyn
5 Gene Angelillo in memory of Marilyn
6 Frank and Jane Seymour
7 Frank and Jane Seymour
8 Carl Prall
9 Carl Prall
10 Carl Prall
11 Dave & Louise Ciancio
12 Dave & Louise Ciancio
13 Nick Gojmeric
14 Nick Gojmeric
15 Nick Gojmeric
16 Crow Seat Belts
17 Crow Seat Belts
18 Crow Seat Belts
19 Crow Seat Belts
20 Crow Seat Belts
21 Dom "Diesel" Inferrara
22 Shea Concrete
23 Shea Concrete
24 Marilyn's Passion Race Team
25 Marilyn's Passion Race Team
26 Coastal 181 Books
27 Bob Hopson
28 Conroy Pneu Control
29 John and Shirley Lynch

Lites Winner Shaun Gosselin

Feature Sponsors:

Gil Bertrand - Atlantic Coast Trailers

lst Quad 4 in Nema Lites - $100

Shane Hammond Foundation - $50 for 3rd & $50 for 7th

TheRaceDepot.com - Pair of Oakley Gloves to the Winner

Jeff Gordon Autographed Gloves

were raffled of to raise money for the
Shane Hammond Memorial Driving School

The following is the format for the 2008 Boston Louie Memorial:

3 Warm ups

Time Trials will be taking place during the last warm up.

No more than 6 cars on the track at a time for time trials.

Time trial lineups will be based upon transponder times from the first two warm ups. The fastest 6 cars will run together, the next six, and so on.

Time trial results will be based upon the fastest single lap for each car.

3 heats will be run and the heat race invert will be determined after time trials. The typical invert over the last two years has been somewhere between 20 and the total number of cars present.

5 cars out of each heat will qualify.

There will be a feature invert and it will be between 6 and 15.

If, for example, a #12 invert, the fastest out of the qualified cars would start 12th, the second fastest 11th, the third fastest 10th, and so on. The 13th – 15th fastest would start 13th – 15th, heads up.

If, for example, a #15 invert, the fastest out of the qualified cars would start 15th, the second fastest 14th, the third fastest 13th, and so on.

“The Louie” – NEMA’s Pinnacle
by Pete Zanardi
Seekonk, MA -It’s officially the Boston Louie Seymour Memorial Classic but “The Louie” will do. It is testimony to the status it has in midget racing in general and in the Northeastern Midget Association in particular.

Honoring the memory of one of New England’s legendary car owners, Seekonk Speedway hosts the 12th annual edition of the classic on Saturday night.

There are extra incentives, but inclusion on the “The Louie” win list is the main objective. Conceived and nurtured by the Seymour family – notably Louie’s widow “Miss” Ellie and sons Mike and Bobby – it is a top event. The “man who towed a million miles,” Louie Seymour competed with success on the USAC Sprint Car and Silver Crown circuits for many years.

No track has a longer NEMA history than Seekonk, which hosted both the club’s first race back in 1953, and the first “Louie” in 1997. The NEMA Lites will be on the schedule as well.

“Everyone wants The Louie,” says Greg Stoher, who carries the momentum of a Waterford Speedbowl victory last Saturday into the race.

Joey Payne Jr. hopes to become the first three-time winner. Randy Cabral, Jeff Horn, Bobby Santos III and Nokie Fornoro aim to join Payne in the two win bracket. An expected strong field will be looking to join a list that also includes Russ Stoehr, Drew Fornoro, Bobby Seymour and Ben Seitz.

“The prestige,” says Payne, “stems from Boston Louie’s position in our sport and the family’s continued efforts. They are very nice people and it is very special to stand in Victory Lane with them.” Payne will be after a third “Louie” for owner Gene Angelillo.

Fornoro puts his ’06 “Louie” triumph among the greatest of his 200 career wins. “It’s the biggest race of the year for us,” he says.” There’s so much history surrounding it, so many memories of Boston Louie, so many feelings. And you know what? It's held on a race track I absolutely love.” Fornoro, who drives the Jarret #4, is the all-time NEMA leader with eight Seekonk wins

“It is definitely our biggest race,” agrees point leader Randy Cabral, “but it’s more than that. I feel it is one of the most prestigious races in New England. Everybody is there. People who don’t even run our kind of cars know about the Boston Louie.” Cabral hopes to give the Bertrand team its first “Louie.”

Cabral’s 2000 win in his dad’s car, may be the biggest upset in ‘Louie’ history. He lost what appeared to be a second victory on a DQ in ’03. “I know what it’s like to have two wins,” he laughs. “I just didn’t get to keep it very long.” He’s been after one that he “can keep” even since.

The “Louie” has developed its own history. The ’02 “Louie” was considered a “break through event” for the then 16-year old Bobby Santos III. Now in the family #98, he won in a Seymour car. Santos, who has gone on to win in USAC Midgets and Sprint Cars, makes a second “Louie” his immediate priority

The most emotional win has to be Bobby Seymour in 1999 with brother Mike right behind him. Based on Chris Abold’s Seekonk victory a few weeks back, the family has to be optimistic about a third visit to Victory Lane.

Jeremy Frankoski, now Cabral’s teammate in the Bertrand stable, Erica Santos, William Wall, Mike Keeler and Adam Cantor are among the potential first-time Louie winners.