Saturday - August 24th, 2002

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1 9 B. Santos III -
2 47 T. Bertrand -
3 35 R. Cabral -
4 2 H. Bumpus -
5 45 R. Stoehr -
6 7ny A. Cantor -
7 76 M. Buonomo -
8 12x K. Carpenter


9 98 M. Roselli Jr. -
10 10 J. Miller -
11 4 B. Seymour -
12 44 E. Breault -
13 50 P. Pernesiglio -
14 21 B. Kittredge -
15 1s J. Horn -
16 16 M. O'Brien -
17 2ec L. Smith -
18 51 M. Wonder III -
19 17 B. Seitz DNF
20 69 C. Welling -
21 81 T. Heath DNF
22 57 B. Bradbury DNF
23 15 R. Dolan DNF
24 59 N. Fonoro DNF
25 49 J. Payne, Jr. DNF
26 54 D. Fonoro DNF
27 12w P. DiMario DNF
28 8 M. Seymour DNF
29 77 M, Lugelle DNF
- 98x P. Pio DNS
- 3 T. Spada DNS
- 28 W. Arute DNS
- 18 R. Gerbe DNS
- 22 A. Shlatz DNS
- 6 P. Lawless DNS
- 5 L. Cheetham DNS
- 79 K. Botelho DNS
- 88 D. Cleveland DNS

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Top 3:   Center - Bobby Santos III, 1st
Left - Tim Bertrand, 2nd   Right: Randy Cabral, 3rd


Waterford, CT – Bobby Santos III became the first rookie since 1988 to win a Northeastern Midget Association feature. It just happened to be the biggest race on the NEMA schedule, the biggest in the East.

Grabbing the lead with an inside move through turns three and four with 13 laps remaining, 16-year old Santos went on to capture the sixth annual Wirtgen America Boston Louie Memorial Saturday night at Waterford Speedbowl. It was Santos’ ninth Midget start.

The race honors legendary car owner “Boston” Louie Seymour and Santos drove a car owned by the Seymour family which includes sons Bobby and Mike, both race entries.

Using traffic, Santos chased down Tim Bertrand, the only other leader, before making the winning pass. “Alone, Tim was faster,” explained Santos. “My only shot was in traffic and when it was there, I had to take it.”

Bertrand, the outside pole sitter, opened sizable leads on either side of a lap four red flag situation. Traffic and a light mist, created a different situation. He appeared to check up behind a lapped car heading into three. Santos moved inside both Bertrand and the lapped car and then went to the outside of another before exiting four with the lead.

“I knew somebody was there,” said Bertrand. “He went by me like I was tied to a tree.”

It was actually the second major move for Santos who got second when the race restarted following a Phil DiMario flip in turn one. Making contact with Drew Fornoro, DiMario actually bounced off a light pole before coming back on the race track and winding up upside-down on the track.

Running third, Santos used a move Bobby Seymour had showed him in an earlier practice at the Speedbowl to take second from pole sitter Howard Bumpus. His car not performing well at lower speeds, he actually held back, got on it earlier and timed the restart perfectly.

As he did on the initial start, Bertrand was away but Santos was on his tail within seven laps.

“I got into traffic and saw a lot of cars starting to get loose,” said Bertrand, a winner at the Speedbowl earlier this year. “I started to get mist on my shield and I wasn’t burying it in anymore. I wasn’t going to spin in front of the Boston Louie.

“When Bobby went by I could see just how hooked up he was,” continued Bertrand, “more than happy” with second. “I was hoping we had something for him on the last restart but no way.”

Handling a deteriorating car, Randy Cabral passed three cars in the last two laps to claim third. Santos, Bertrand, 24, and Cabral, 23, also made up the top three the last time NEMA visited the Speedbowl.

Bumpus, the last NEMA rookie to win, and NEMA point leader Russ Stoehr filled out the top five. Kyle Carpenter came the farthest (21st to eighth) and won the Hard Charger honors.

Joey Payne Jr. took fast time honors with a 13.380 seconds run but it was second heat winner Mike Roselli Jr. who turned a great start into victory in the winner-take-all ($600) Bill Stoehr Trophy dash. Roselli out ran Payne, second heat winner Ed Breault and B-Main winner Monnie Wonder III.

But Victory Lane was reserved for the happy Seymour and Santos families. “This is the one we wanted,” said Bobby Seymour, pointing to several near misses Santos has had this season.

Santos said it was only in the last couple of days that he has learned of the folklore that now surrounds “Boston” Louie. “It sounds like he was really a great guy.”

The NEMA show heads to Oswego Speedway for The Classic this weekend.

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Sprint Car Hall of Famer and TV announcer Brad Doty was immensely popular among the fans…Because of the different qualifying, all those in attendance received 100 NEMA points…Santos is the second 16-year old to win with NEMA this season, Ryan Dolan doing it at Thompson’s Icebreaker.
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Victory Circle

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The Race

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little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Wirtgen Young Gun Award
$500 Courtesy of Wirtgen America
- Bobby Santos III

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)1st Finishing Hawke Chassis in B-Main
$100 courtesy of Strei-Tech
- Bob Bradbury

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Hard Charger in the B Main
$100 courtesy of Nick Gojmeric
- Wayne Arute

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)1st Finishing Autocraft in A-Main
$100 courtesy of Autocraft Engines
- Bobby Santos III

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)1st Finishing Rookie
$100 courtesy of Phil's Machine
- Bobby Santos III

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Hard Charger in the Feature
$100 courtesy of Seals It & $50 Courtesy of Chuck Welling
- Kyle Carpenter

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)1st of the A-Main
$100 courtesy of West End Equipment Rental
- Mike Luggelle

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Winning Crew Chief
$100 in Memory of Vic Yerardi
- Bob Santos Jr.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Hard Luck Award
$100 courtesy of Dora Naves & Assoc.
- Phil DeMario

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Amphitek Boston Louie Travel Award
$100 courtesy of AmphiTek
- Payne/Starrett from Virginia

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Sportsmanship Award
$100 courtesy of Martel Motorsports
 - Tommy Spada

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Best Appearing Crew
$100 courtesy of Ellie Seymour
 - Cantor Racing #7NY

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Best Appearing Car
$100 courtesy of Parker Sanitation
- Randy Cabral #35

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)$200 Gift Certificates from Design 500
- Adam Cantor, Mark Buonomo, Kyle Carpenter, & Mike Roselli

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)$100 Gift Certificate toward a Hoosier Tire Purchase
courtesy of Seymour Enterprises (3-5th B-Main)
- Patrick Poi, Tommy Spada, & Wayne Arute

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)29th Fastest Qualifier-Bushnell Speedy Gun
courtesy of Seymour Enterprises - Patrick Poi

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49 J. Payne 13.380
35 R. Cabral 13.521
76 M. Buonomo 13.561
81 T. Heath 13.596
15 R. Dolan 13.617
45 R. Stoehr 13.617
9 B. Santos 13.636
7ny A. Cantor 13.667
47 T. Bertrand 13.679
2 H. Bumpus 13.680
8 M. Seymour 13.779
59 N. Fornoro 13.780
10 J. Miller 13.832
54 D. Fornoro 13.866
50 P. Pernesiglio 13.888
4 B. Seymour 13.901
12w P. DiMario 13.913
44 E. Breault 13.916
98 M. Roselli 13.940
6 P. Lawless 13.963
21 B. Kittredge 14.035
1S J. Horn14.049
12x K. Carpenter 14.068
79 K. Botelho 14.176
3 T. Spada 14.180
22 A. Shlatz 14.191
51 M. Wonder 14.196
16 M. O'Brien 14.227
98x P. Pio 14.391
69 C. Welling 14.465
77 M. Luggelle 14.476
5 L. Cheetham 14.563
57 B. Bradbury 14.564
2ec L. Smith 14.666
88 D. Cleveland 15.338
18 R. Gerbe 15.558
28 W. Arute N/T
17 B. Seitz N/T


"29th Starter"
Chosen by
Ellie Seymour

57 - B. Bradbury
Heat 1
98 - M. Roselli
12w - P. DiMario
12x - K. Carpenter
21 - B. Kittredge
77 - M. Luggelle
51 - M. Wonder
29 - W. Arute
57 - B. Bradbury
98x - P Pio
3 - T. Spadalittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
88 - D. Clevelandlittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes) = DNF

Heat 2
44 - E. Breault
1s - J. Horn
17 - B. Seitz
2ec - L. Smith
69 - C. Welling
16 - M. O'Brien
18 - R. Gerbe
5 - L. Cheethamlittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
6 - P. Lawlesslittle black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
79 - K. Betelho
little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)
22 - A. Shlatz
little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)


51 - M. Wonder

16 - M O'Brien
98x - P. Pio
3 - T. Spada
28 - W. Arute
58 - B. Bradbury
18 - R. Gerbe

Bill Stoehr
"Dash for Cash"

98 - M. Roselli
49 - J. Payne
44 - E. Breault
51 - M. Wonder


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Speedbowl Ready for Large
Boston Louie Field

All five former winners, including defending champ Jeff Horn of Ashland, MA, head up the entry list for Saturday night's sixth annual Wirtgen America Boston Louie Memorial on Crystal Mall Night at Waterford Speedbowl. Over 40 cars are expected for the Northeastern Midget Association-sanctioned event, which has become the premier Midget race in the Northeast.

Russ Stoehr of N.Carver, MA and Gene Angelillo of Wolcott, CT, take the driver and owner point leads, respectively, into the event which traditionally brings together a number of sponsors to honor the memory of car owner "Boston Louie" Seymour of Marlboro, MA.

Other winners Stoehr ('97), Drew Fornoro of Newton, NJ, ('99), Bobby Seymour ('00) of Marlboro, MA and Randy Cabral ('01) of Plymouth, MA will be looking for one of the 29 spots in the 29-lap A-Main. Money, however, is sprinkled throughout the program that begins with time trials at noon. The front gates open at 11:30 AM.

Sixteen cars will go directly to the feature from time trials. Each of two heats will qualify five cars. The B-Main sends two more to the feature while the "Miss Ellie (Louie's widow) Option" will fill the field. The program also
includes the annual Stoehr Dash, a four-lap battle between the fast time winner, heat winners and B-Main winner.

The Speedbowl's regular divisions - the SK-Modifieds (35-lap feature), Late Models (30), Sportsman (20) and Mini Stocks (20) - are on the busy agenda as well. The Atlantic Coast Old Timers (ACOT) is also due.

Midwest standout Dave Baumgartner is part of a group of contenders that brings together the best Midget drivers in the Northeast on what is considered the best Midget track in the Northeast. Among the top threats are Nokie Fornoro of Stroudsburg, PA, Howard Bumpus of Lakeville, MA, Mark Buonomo of Waltham, MA, Phil DiMario of Piermont, NY, Rudy Boetticher Jr. of Totowa, NJ, Pete Pernesiglio of Ronkonkoma, NY and Joey Payne Jr. of Hawthorne, NJ.

Midgets have traditionally been the fastest cars at the Speedbowl and top qualifying speeds are expected to be in the 13.1-13.2 seconds bracket. The 900-pound, 330-plus horsepower Midgets reach speeds of 105-mph on the Speedbowl backstretch. NEMA has run 25 lap features at Waterford in less than seven minutes.

"There are no secrets left at Waterford," says Drew Fornoro who has six Speedbowl wins over 20 years. Bobby Seymour is next on the list with five while Mark Buonomo has won four of the last 13 NEMA visits. Seymour, who along with brother Mike, is part of a family effort that honors their father.

"If you have any open cockpit history, you understand just where Boston Louie Seymour stands," says veteran Bumpus. " To win a race with that name on it has to be very, very special. The fact that so many of us are aware of how much his family has done in his memory just makes it all the greater."

"Winning the race was literally a dream come true," agrees Cabral, who won in his second year of competition. "Now, I think we're all going to have to struggle to qualify. The competition gets better and better."

At least a dozen entries have visited victory lane at the Speedbowl including the last three winners - Barry Kittredge of Marlboro, MA, Pernesiglio and Tim Bertrand of Waterford, MA.

It is possible that one of NEMA's present Rookies - Ben Seitz of Monument Beach MA, Bobby Santos III of Franklin, MA and Tim Heath of Lebanon, CT - could win? All have run well at the Speedbowl this year.

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little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Russ Stoehr (N.Carver, MA), Drew Fornoro (Newton, NJ), Bobby Seymour (Marlboro, MA), Randy Cabral (Plymouth, MA) and Jeff Horn (Ashland, MA) each hopes to become the first two-time winner of the Boston Louie Memorial. Overall Stoehr has been the most impressive with an average Boston Louie finish of 3.7. All but Cabral have won at Waterford.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)The University of New Haven was one of the schools that tried to recruit Barry Kittredge (Marlboro, MA) for baseball. Kittredge, who went to the University of New Hampshire out of Marlboro High, wound up playing for New Haven and coach Porky Vieira. Now a NEMA owner-driver, Kittredge's baseball resume includes a summer with Orleans in the Cape Cod League.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Nokie Fornoro (Stroudsburg, PA) is unique among active NEMA drivers in that he has won at all three Connecticut ovals. Fornoro, who has over 100 Midget wins, won the last Midget race at Stafford Motor Speedway on Aug. 15, 1981. He has multiple wins at both Waterford and Thompson.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Mike Seymour (Marlboro) will join brother Bobby in attempting to earn a spot in the Boston Louie. Between them, the Seymours have six NEMA wins at Waterford.
The Fornoros, Drew and Nokie, have nine between them.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Howie Bumpus (Lakeville, MA) is currently the hottest driver in the Northeastern Midget Association. Bumpus became the first driver in 30 races to win two-straight races at Star Speedway on Saturday night, Aug. 10th and followed
that with a third at Canaan (New Hampshire) USA Speedway on Sunday, Aug. 11. Bumps' association with Midgets goes back three generations.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Gene Angelillo (Wolcott, CT), who has won 11 NEMA owner championships, has eight Waterford victories with three different drivers. Six came with Drew Fornoro while current driver Russ Stoehr and Modified ace Ted Christopher have one win apiece. Christopher won for Angelillo at the 1998 Modified Nationals. Angelillo's "Dumo's Desire" team is named in his father's memory.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Drew Fornoro (Newton, NJ) and Angelillo are the most successful team in NEMA history (78 victories). The team came together at the Speedbowl in 1981. All of Fornoro's six Speedbowl wins came in Angelillo equipment. Fornoro now drives for the Campanale Brothers of Narragansett; RI while Stoehr drives for Angelillo.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Six of NEMA's top-10 all-time winners are possible Boston Louie entries: all-time leader Drew Fornoro (81 wins), third place Russ Stoehr (39), fourth place Nokie Fornoro (38), seventh place Bobby Seymour (23), eighth place Lee Smith (21) of Hudson, MA and tenth place Mike Seymour (19) of Marlboro, MA..

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Among active owners, Jim O'Brien of Seymour, CT is the probable leader in NEMA starts at the Speedbowl. O'Brien has been a NEMA member for three decades. Son Matt drives his car now.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Pete Pernesiglio (Ronkonkoma, NY) will be celebrating his birthday at the Boston Louie. Pernesiglio drives for his father (also Pete). It is one a host of father-son teams in NEMA that includes George and Tim Heath of Lebanon, CT, and Alex and Andy Shlatz of Windsor, CT, Brad and Kyle Carpenter of Gloucester, MA, Jan and Ryan Dolan of Acton, MA and Glen and Randy Cabral of Plymouth, MA,

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)The last rookie to win a NEMA feature was Howard Bumpus at Waterford in 1988. Could it happen again at the Boston Louie? Bobby Santos III (Franklin, MA), Ben Seitz (Monument Beach, MA) and Tim Heath (Lebanon, CT) have all had impressive runs this year at the Speedbowl. Seitz, who has several Legends Cars wins at the Speedbowl, was fifth the last time NEMA ran at the Speedbowl after leading much of the race. Santos finished third and wound up the Hard Charger.

little black bullet.gif (1775 bytes)Tim Bertrand (Watertown, MA), Rudy Boetticher Jr. (Totowa, NJ), Paul Lawless (Hollister, MA), Bumpus and Kittredge got their only victory at the Speedbowl.
rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)
Speedbowl Midget History

The Boston Louie Memorial is the 55th Northeastern Midget Association race at Waterford Speedbowl. It continues the facility's long relationship with the Midgets. It will be the third 2002 NEMA visit, Pete Pernesiglio and Tim Bertrand each joining the impressive Speedbowl midget win list.

The Speedbowl is, in fact, the only "charter member" still on the NEMA schedule. Then in its third year of operation, the Speedbowl hosted the "second-ever" NEMA event, Bill Eldridge winning on May 31, 1953.

The Midgets have been part of Waterford history since the track's inception. Johnny Thomson, still regarded as New England's premier open-cockpit driver, won two ARDC-sanctioned events in 1951. The first, on July 1, was cut short by fog. He came back to win again on July 14. Thomson went on to become one of American's great Sprint and Indianapolis Car drivers.

Nick Fornoro drove in the Speedbowl's first Midget race. His sons Drew and Nokie, who have combined for over 200 open-cockpit victories, are still active.

In the fall of 1951, New Jersey driver Len Cross (who like Thomson was headed for Indy) won an AAA-sanctioned 100 lapper. Indiana-based George Tichenor set fast time in the latter with a 17.92-seconds plus lap.

In April, Pernesiglio stopped unofficial watches at 13.2 seconds. At the 2000 Finale Barry Kittredge went through the radar guns at 105-mph plus.

"Size, geometry, surface…the Speedbowl has it all," reports Bobby Seymour. High on NEMA's all-time win list. Seymour calls the Speedbowl "one of the best Midget tracks in the east." He has been very successful there.

There are ten active NEMA drivers who have won at Waterford. Joining Seymour, Bertrand and Pernesiglio are Mark Buonomo, Barry Kittredge, defending champion Russ Stoehr, Rudy Boetticher Jr., all-time NEMA winner Drew Fornoro, Nokie Fornoro and Howard Bumpus.

Drew Fornoro calls it a "racy place," pointing out "there are few secrets left at Waterford." The result is all-out racing. NEMA has, on occasion, run 25 lap features in less than seven minutes.

Thomson and Cross set in motion an impressive Speedbowl Midget win list that also includes legends like Joe Csiki, Dutch Schaefer, Billy Randall, Johnny Mann, King Carpenter and present short track modified superstar Ted Christopher.
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Over 40 Cars Expected

Over 40 cars are expected to pursue the 29 spots in the Boston Louie Memorial Midget race Saturday night, Aug. 24 at Waterford Speedbowl. The Northeastern Midget Association-sanctioned event honors the memory of noted USAC Sprint and Silver Crown owner Louie Seymour.

"No question, it's the biggest Midget race around here," reports Mark Buonomo, a four-time Waterford winner. "To win that, well, for me its as good as winning the championship. At the start of the year you look at the Boston Louie and say to yourself 'we're going to try to win that.' And, that's what we're going to try to do."
Time trials (16), two heats (five apiece), the B-Main (two) and an option will fill the field. Money is sprinkled around the event including the lucrative Stoehr family dash, a four-lap battle between the fast time winner, the heat winners and the B-Main winner.

"There's more money and prestige involved and that's important," points out two-time defending champion Russ Stoehr, "but this race is special because so many of us actually knew Boston Louie Seymour. He was special." Stoehr won the first Boston Louie back in 1997.

All five winners - Stoehr, Drew Forbore (1998), Bobby Seymour (1999), Randy Cabral (2000) and Jeff Horn (2001) - are entered. Barry Kittgredge calls the group NEMA's "honors fraternity."

"I've always known who Boston Louie was and winning the race was literally a dream come true," says Cabral. "That's the one I wanted right from the start. We were fortunate. We had a broken racecar the last five laps. Now, it will be a struggle to qualify. The competition gets better and better."

Fornoro points out "there are no secrets left at Waterford." The field could include as many as a dozen drivers who have tasted victory at the third mile. "It is very quick but everybody seems to be at their best when they come to the Speedbowl. Most everybody really likes running there. The surface is good and it's wide enough for three deep racing. The corner speed is very quick and that makes it a momentum track we get going pretty good there," says Stoehr.

"I go to the Speedbowl expecting to run well," says Tim Bertrand, the winner the last time NEMA visited Waterford. "That's the attitude we'll take to the Boston Louie."

"It's the race to win for a winged Midget," says Kittredge, a 2001 Waterford winner. "Everybody turns it up a notch for a couple of reasons. There's more money, but there's prestige too. There's a little energy in the air for that race."

"If you have any open cockpit history, you understand just where Boston Louie Seymour stands," says veteran Howie Bumpus. " To win a race with that name on it has to be very, very special. The fact that so many of us are aware of how much his family has done in his memory just makes it all the greater."

Pete Pernesiglio, the winner at Waterford's season opening Nationals this year, points out "Boston Louie was such an icon in open-cockpit racing. There are so many big names connected to it, so much history and prestige. It is the win everybody thinks about."

Waterford's regular divisions - the SK Modifieds, Late Models, Sportsman and Mini Stocks, will be part of the program as well.

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Boston Louie Qualifying To Set 'Bowl Standard

Just how fast are the Midgets at Waterford Speedbowl? The answer will be evident when the field -- expected to exceed 40 -- takes time for the sixth annual "Boston Louie" Memorial Saturday Aug. 24.The Northeastern Midget Association-sanctioned event, is tabbed the biggest Midget race in the east.

The event honors the memory of "Boston" Louie Seymour who, for the better part of three decades, towed to USAC Silver Crown and Sprint Car shows around the nation. Seymour was called "the man who towed a million miles."

The 29-lap A-feature highlights a very busy day as the Midgets share the program with the Speedbowl's regular divisions. Midget time trials, scheduled for noon, will kick off the action. The front gates will open at 11:30 AM.

Over 100 people and concerns are involved in making the race very lucrative, the money spread in a number of ways including a fast time award. The faster times are expected to be in the "very low" 13 seconds.

In a special promotion, Bobby Seymour, driving though the lights, turned a 13.3-plus lap at the Speedbowl "I fully expect we'll be faster than that," reports Seymour.

Sixteen of the 29-starting positions will come from time trials (a yet to be determined number to be inverted). Two Midget heats (slated to start at 5 PM) will qualify five apiece. Two will come from the B-Main while the last spot is the "Miss Ellie" (Louie's widow) option.

The program also includes the "Stoehr Trophy Dash," a four-lap, all-out battle between the fast time setter, the heat winners and the B-Main winner.

The five previous winners - Russ Stoehr, Drew Fornoro, Bobby Seymour, Randy Cabral and Jeff Horn - head up the entry list that should be bolstered by entries from the areas south and west of New England.

"No question, it's the biggest Midget race around here," said Mark Buonomo, a four-time Speedbowl winner. "To win the Boston Louie, well, for me it's as good as winning the championship. At the start of the year you look at the Boston Louie and say to yourself 'we're going to try to win that.' And, that's what we're going to try to do."

Buonomo is one of a dozen drivers who have won at the Speedbowl in the past including Peter Pernesiglio and Tim Bertrand, both winning this year. The Nationals winner, Pernesiglio was turning "unofficial" 13.2 laps.
The Speedbowl's August scheduling presents an interesting challenge for the Midgets, long billed as the track's "fastest" racers. Time trials at last weekend's Pepsi 300 (for the SK-Modifieds and Late Models) and for the Aug. 31 NASCAR Featherlite Modified Series Big Y World Class Market 150 present plenty of contrast.

In the fall of 1951, Indiana driver George Tichenor, qualifying for a 100 lapper, set fast time in the latter with a 17.92-seconds lap.
rebullet.gif (1845 bytes)

Brad Doty Again Part Of Boston Louie Cast

Sprint Car Hall of Fame member Brad Doty will return to New England to be part of the announcing team for the Northeastern Midget Association-sanctioned “Boston Louie Memorial” Saturday night, Aug. 24 at Waterford Speedbowl. In five years the “Boston Louie” has become the premier Midget race in the northeast.

“We are very pleased that Brad is returning,” said Bobby Seymour. The event honors the late “Boston” Louie Seymour who made Sprint and Silver Crown Car history towing thousands of miles out of Marlboro, MA. Led by sons Bobby and Mike and Louie’s widow “Miss Ellie,” the Seymour family has built the event into a major race.

Over 40 cars are expected to battle for starting spots in the 29-lap feature on one of the best Midget tracks in the area

“Brad is an inspiration for all of us and his presence adds a great deal to the event,” continued Seymour. “He brings something truly unique to it.” In addition to his trackside announcing, Doty will be available to the fans.

An Apple Creek, OH native, Doty battled back from a devastating injury at Eldora in 1988 (which left him wheel chair bound) to become one of the top racing announcers in America. He currently is part of Speed Channel’s weekly coverage of the World of Outlaws and also does “the color” on SCN (Sprint Car Network) Radio.

Doty teamed with noted writer Dave Argabright to produce “Still Wide Open.” The book, now in its second printing, details Doty’s racing career and his battles following the crash.

One of the country’s top sprint car drivers for a number of years, Doty was actually second in WOO points when the crash happened. He stuck with the sport and helped make Sprint car racing in general and WOO in particular a television entity at TNN.

Open-cockpit veteran Jeff Horn, who drives for Sue and Babe Shaw, is the defending Boston Louie champion. All five former winners - Russ Stoehr (1997), Drew Fornoro (1998), Bobby Seymour (1999) and Randy Cabral (2000) in addition to Horn – will be out to become the first two-time winner.
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